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Honolulu’s Top Pet Groomers

Don’t waste any more time taking your dog to a pet groomer where they’re unhappy; instead, bring them to Aloha K9 Kuts in Honolulu, HI, where we provide a comfortable environment for pets to relax and be pampered. We genuinely love working with animals and bring that passion to every grooming appointment, treating each dog with the kindness and care they deserve.

Haircuts & Baths

When your pet’s hair is too long, we’ll give their coat a transformation that will feel lightweight and look beautiful. Dog fur can easily pick up twigs and dirt, so don’t hesitate to bring your pooch in for a fresh cut and clean. Our pet groomers proudly use natural shampoo brands such as Spina Organics, which contain no harmful sulfates and prevent irritation of the dog’s skin.

Comprehensive Cleaning

It’s important to keep your dog clean, both for their short-term comfort and their well-being down the road. Aloha K9 Kuts offers complete hygiene treatments for dogs of all sizes, including ear cleaning, teeth cleaning, and nail trimming. Ensure your dog’s future health by bringing them to regular appointments with our experienced pet groomers.

Pet Sitting & Boarding    

Looking for a secure place for your pet to stay while you’re away? Our safe, sanitary facilities give dogs a comfortable space to play and rest. Whether you’re traveling for a week-long vacation or just for the day, we’ll provide your dog with loving attention and individualized care. Give yourself peace of mind by choosing us for your pet boarding needs.


Dog Grooming

Pet Boarding


Nail Trimming

Hair Cutting


Ear Cleaning

Teeth Cleaning

Trust Us with Your Pooch

At Aloha K9 Kuts, we treat your dog like they’re our own. Over our 20 years of business, customers have returned to our pet groomers again and again for service that leaves their puppies happy and calm. Call us today to learn more about the appointment availability at our pet salon.